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Làm Thế Nào Để Bảo Vệ Quy Trình Của Bạn Khỏi Cháy Và Nổ Bụi?

Làm thế nào để bảo vệ quy trình của bạn khỏi cháy và nổ bụi hiệu quả? Ngành công nghiệp chế biến gỗ ngày càng trở nên phức tạp hơn. Hiệu suất cao hơn và tự động hóa đều là kết quả của những thành tựu kỹ thuật nhanh chóng trong ngành. Đầu tư vào kinh doanh đã tăng lên, khiến thời gian ngừng sản xuất thậm chí còn tốn kém hơn. Máy móc sản xuất ở tốc độ cao hơn cũng như sự gia tăng về

Bảo vệ dây chuyền sản xuất khỏi cháy nổ bụi

The demands on production safety and fire prevention have therefore also increased.
Is your company at risk?
Three elements are needed to cause a fi re or an explosion:
Wood is a particularly infl ammable material. Wood dust in a fi lter can ignite from 470°C (878°F). In a silo, this temperature can be as low as 260°C (500°F)*.
Compare this to the temperature of a newly extinguished match, which is 500°C (932°F)… *according to the U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 

Machinery that typically generates ignition sources:
• Planer/Router/Moulder
• Sander
• Hogger
• Band saw
• Fans
Infl ammable material Oxygen Ignition We never generalise. Every factory in the process industries is diff erent. Even within the same type of business, such as the woodworking industry, no two factories operate alike. The risk therefore for fi re or a dust explosion will vary from factory to factory.
Since 1973, Firefly has specialised in creating tailor-made solutions that will fi t your operation. Our competent staff have vast experience in the woodworking industry and the highest technical skills necessary to design a safe fi re prevention solution for your company.
In order to protect your company from fi re and dust explosions:
• You need a fast and reliable system of the highest technical standard
• You need a tailor-made system
• You need detection of potential hazards: i.e. sparks and hot particles occurring in your process
• You need a system which is insensitive to daylight, thus minimising numerous false alarms and costly downtime
• You need an extinguishing method adapted to your process to minimise the risk of water damage WOODWORKING INDUSTRYHow we protect your business Firefly always delivers complete system solutions. Our staff are able to perform an on-site assessment and design a solution that will provide optimal safety against fi re and dust explosions.
Firefl y has a range of unique products which are combined in a system depending on the design of your process. Our systems are designed to protect the process and prevent damage to plants.
Detectors that indicate sparks and hot particles
Detectors that indicate fl ames
Using full cone water spray
Using water mist
Using mechanical diversion, isolation, steam or gas
Control unit for system monitoring and process control
On-site system assessment
Commissioning and education
Service after installation
Firefly has developed several unique solutions for the woodworking industry. With these solutions we can effectively protect your company against costly fi res and dust explosions:
• Filter and Silo protection
• PlanerGuard
• Band saw protection
• SanderGuardWhy Filter and Silo protection?
Filters and Silos are key components in the woodworking process. A fi re or dust explosion can have devastating consequences! Lengthy downtimes, damage to your machinery and loss of revenue are good examples. Loss of human life is a worst case scenario.
Machinery can create ignition sources. There is a large risk that they will follow your production line into the fi lter. Once inside the fi lter, combined with wood dust and oxygen, you have the perfect environment for a fi re or dust explosion. The risk of a fi re or dust explosion in a silo is even greater when the material is stored in layers. A fire in a silo can take several days to extinguish due to the large volumes of material stored.
Typical causes of fi re/dust explosions in fi lters and silos
Machinery breakdown
Foreign bodies
Electrical problems
Human factor
Our solution
System design depends on the characteristics of the material as well as the way the process is designed. In order for a fi re or a dust explosion to occur, the ignition source needs to have a certain temperature and energy.
Filter protection In order to protect a fi lter, Firefl y delivers detectors that can indicate sparks and hot particles with a temperature over 400°C (752°F). An extinguishing zone is normally installed to eliminate these dangerous particles.
Silo protection
In order to protect a silo, Firefl y delivers detectors that can indicate sparks and hot particles with a temperature over 250°C (482°F). As with a fi lter, an extinguishing zone is installed to eliminate these
dangerous particles.
Our tailor-made system solutions for the woodworking industry eff ectively minimise the risks for fire or dust explosion in fi lters and silos.
Minimum ignition temperature for wood in:
Cloud Layer 470 °C 260 °C
Source: NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)Why protect planers?
A planer is one of the largest and most important investments. Unforeseen interruptions in production due to fi re are often very costly.
Planers can generate large amounts of infl ammable material because they are high speed machines with many moving parts. A planer can generate dangerous ignition sources in the form of sparks and hot particles.
Accumulation of shavings or oil can cause violent fi res. The situation is aggravated by the high air fl ow within the machine.
Automation of the planing process as well as general conditions in the production areas dictate that the machine is often installed remote from operators stations.
As a consequence, fi res can go undetected for some time.
Typical causes of fi re in a planer
• Presence of foreign bodies
• Waste material trapped between feeding rolls and planer bed
• Bearing failure
• Overheated motors
Our solution – PlanerGuard
Our PlanerGuard system depends entirely on the design of the planer. The PlanerGuard system consists of fast and reliable detection as well as eff ective water mist extinguishing.
PlanerGuard is, as all Firefl y systems, insensitive to daylight. This factor is crucial for avoiding numerous false alarms since the planer is normally located in a well lit location.
High speed planers
Modern high speed planers achieve speeds that were unthinkable a few years ago. This results in increased production which also elevates the risk of fi re. Planing at high speeds leads to an increase in friction heat, making the process vulnerable to fire.
Firefly focuses on indicating and extinguishing ignition sources at an early stage. Our experience shows that the feeding rolls and transmission are the main causes of fi re. Similarly problems can be generated at the planing head.
As a consequence, Firefl y’s PlanerGuard focuses on these critical areas both in terms of detection and extinguishing. Firefl y has a unique range of detectors and the choice of detector depends entirely upon which parts of the planer need to be monitored. Firefl y also delivers the most effective extinguishing to gain advantage from early detection. Typically extinguishing is in the form of a fine water mist which quickly and eff ectively extinguishes the fi re without causing costly downtime and damage to your planer.
PlanerGuard also comprises equipment for detection and extinguishing in the dust extraction system. You can fi nd more information in the section Filter and Silo protection.
PLANERGUARD Open planers
The construction of an open planer causes diffi culties when designing an extraction system. In many cases, large amounts of shavings are accumulated in and around the planer. When ignited, these shavings can cause rapid fi res resulting in considerable damages.
Our experience shows that a fi re in an open planer can be generated by feeding mechanisms or the machining heads. Mechanical wear can also be a problem for open planers in older designs. Experience also shows that a fi re often starts at the in-feed of the planer.
A moulder is often installed in a production area adjacent to other machinery. The consequences of a fi re in a moulder can therefore be extensive and damage surrounding equipment.
The risk for fire caused by frictional heat or problems at the feeding rolls isn’t as signifi cant for moulders compared to other types of machines as speeds are relatively low. Our experience shows that the most common causes of fi re in a moulder are due to overheating of motors and driving mechanisms, as well as spark generation at the machining heads.
Firefl y’s PlanerGuard system detects sparks or incipient fire at a very early stage. The PlanerGuard system can be designed in a cost-effi cient way due to the compact design of the moulder. Water mist will extinguish quickly and effi ciently, even in these closed areas. Water mist also ensures that your moulder isn’t damaged by water.
PlanerGuard also comprises equipment for detection and extinguishing in the dust extraction system. You can find more information in the section Filter and Silo protection.
Firefl y’s PlanerGuard monitors this type of machine by using fl ame detectors monitoring the open area. It is important that extinguishing can take place even in closed areas of the planer. This is especially true for open planers.
Water mist will extinguish fi re quickly and effi ciently, even in these closed areas. Water mist also ensures that your planer isn’t damaged by water.
PlanerGuard also comprises equipment for detection and extinguishing in the dust extraction system. You can find more information in the section Filter and Silo protection.Why Band saw protection?
The band saw is often the fi rst stage in the production process. A failure of the band saw means that the flow of material to the rest of the production stops.
Large amounts of waste material often accumulates around the band saw due to its design. This accumulation together with high speed rotating mechanical parts and powerful motors creates a large risk for fire.
Why protect sanders?
The fine dust generated by this machine can, when ignited, give rise to severe dust explosions and rapid spread of fire The risk of a costly incident increases considerably when the sander becomes blocked due to a breakdown in the feeding system or the inclusion of foreign bodies. Broken or misaligned abrasive belts are a very common cause for ignition.
Our solution
Firefl y will tailor the system to suit the design of the band saw, focusing on areas of the band saw where the risk for fi re is estimated to be greatest. We also take the layout of the production area into consideration, in order to prevent the spread of fire
We use flame detection in combination with water mist extinguishing around the machine. Our unique flame detectors are designed to only detect fl ames, but no other disturbances such as sunlight.
Water mist extinguishing is eff ective in open as well as closed areas without damage to the machine. Firefly’s Band saw protection also comprises equipment for detection and extinguishing in the dust extraction system. Youcan fi nd more information in the section Filter and Silo protection.
Our solution 

Detecting sparks inside a sander is diffi cult for productionstaff due to the enclosed design. However, this does not present a problem for the installation of a Firefl y detection and extinguishing system.
Firefl y’s SanderGuard is designed to quickly indicate a failure inside the machine and, before a fi re can take hold, extinguish by using a water mist system. The extinguishing is designed to quickly cover the enclosed area and create an inert environment.

It is important to use detectors that are insensitive to daylight since sanders are regularly inspected for purposes of maintenance. Firefl y’s detectors only detect hot particles
such as sparks and glowing particles. Firefly’s SanderGuard also comprises equipment for detection and extinguishing in the dust extraction system.
You can find more information in the section Filter and Silo protection.Masonite
About Firefly
Firefly is a Swedish company that provides industrial fire prevention and protection systems to the process industry worldwide. Since 1973, Firefly has specialized in creating customized system solutions of the highest technical standards and quality. Based on customer needs and research Firefly has developed and patented products and solutions, creating a unique portfolio of innovative products and system solutions to increase the level of safety.
With unique solutions, quick delivery and excellent service, Firefly has become the natural choice for many customers within the woodworking industry worldwide.
The Firefly quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and EN ISO/IEC 80079-34. Firefly’s products hold national and international third party certifications through FM, VdS, CSA, DNV-GL, LCIE Bureau Veritas, Delta and RISE among others. For more information on our certifications and approvals, please visit: 

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